ISLTA harder than Kitchen Sink?

Finally did Kitchen Sink for the first time yesterday and was really surprised that it didn’t feel nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be. I understand that all the sections are dialled down a bit from the original workouts.

I did It Seemed Like Thin Air back on 1st Jan and from looking at my notes I found it much harder to finish and rather tricky to walk up stairs afterwards. There were 4 times in ISLTA in the last third, where I had to briefly stop pedalling to get through it at 100% but no issues at all getting through KS at 100% without stopping except where instructed around the kilo section.

From the TSS ratings, KS should have been tougher, so either it isn’t or I’ve got stronger over the last 5 months and should be planning another Full Frontal?

Might have been delirium or all the classic suffering, but I even found myself singing along to favourites and finished seriously wanting to do it again soon.

Biggest downside was getting up an hour earlier than usual at 3:30 to give myself enough time to finish KS before making my family breakfast :yawning_face: