Kitchen Sink Thoughts?

I did kitchen sink for the first time at the weekend as it was on the plan.

It was pretty painful, not mentally as taxing as first feared being sat for 3 hours on the turbo due to the flicking between different videos to keep it interesting.

However these bits from each video are pretty evil, GVA picked all of the best/worse bits from each one! Managed to get through the video, it was tough at times but I could not manage to do the downward spiral sections at the end for 3 of the longer ones at the start I could only do about half the interval as i was suffering!

Anyone else found this? Having done the knighthood recently I would say that this video is almost as bad just condensed into 3 hours!


I can’t imagine completing this at 100%

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I completed it at 100% several months ago and I still do not know how I managed to pull it off. I believe I was due for a FF at that time though. It is the hardest effort I have done on the trainer so far (except for FF, of course, but it’s a different kind of effort).

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For me, it’s one of those workouts that I did once, but will probably never (voluntarily) do again.


I haven’t Suffered through Kitchen Sink since October 2017. This was before I completed Full Frontal, as evidenced from my rather mediocre fitness statistics from the session.

I can’t call it a “100%” effort, which clearly means I must revisit this delightful festival of pain and glory in the near future.

Will it be miserable? Almost certainly. Will it be worth it? Debatable. Am I going to do it anyway? Yepper!


I made it to the 40 mile mark 2 hrs and 23 minutes of Kitchen Sink today @100% effort, with a few breaks along the way during “The Shovel”. I was completely spent and HANGRY. Next time, I’ll prep with a feedbag or SAG plan.


Made the mistake of looking ahead in my training plan (intermediate all-purpose road) and saw this coming up 8 weeks from now (four weeks after the half monty test).

Besides the things mentioned in the thread about food and drink (I’ll probably need to pause to refill my bottles halfway): any other tips for surviving this one?

I had forgotten about this one. I checked the last 3 times I have ridden it, and they all have at least 6 bits of zero cadence showing…I am embarrassed now, must do better this year

Kitchen Sink was the closing act to the ToS in either 2017 or 2018 which was a pure act of sadism on GvA’s part. It was the only time I’ve ever done it and as I recall, it was both epic and brutal (especially for a me with a 1 min power weakness).

Congrats on completing it … there should be a badge for this one.


I think it’s required to get the mash-ups badge?

In any case, it’s on my SUFbucket list.

Did kitchen sink today. Unfortunately I had a really good half Monty a couple of days ago and the higher numbers completely killed me. Cracked like egg after an hour, then bonked a bit around 2:20.
I made it to the end but only because the laser goats took pity on me!!
Kudos to anyone who completes this at 100%!!!


I seem to remember Kitchen sink coming from a SufDay around that time. I also remember doing it when it came out and it being doable. I used to line up 1 large (750 ml) bottle per hour and a couple of cereal bars, one after every hour.

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