Join Phil Gaimon LIVE February 16th at 12pm EST

Join Phil Gaimon–famous ex-pro cyclist, stealer of Strava KOMs, and cookie-enthusiast–LIVE at 12pm EST on February 16th for his Short KOM Training Session.

Part of the A Week With Phil Gaimon series in SYSTM, this short, 35-minute workout, takes you through a warm-up on the famous Pacific Coast Highway before climbing into two short, maximal efforts on the way up Dekker Canyon. You’ll be in the hurt box, but be sure to pay attention as Phil drops his top tips for KOM / QOM segment success.

In between efforts, Phil keeps you entertained with stories about his Cookie Fondo, life in LA, a tour of his garage, a face lick from his dog and his personal recommendation for the best cold-pressed juice in town.

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Thanks for organising this. It was fun to see Phil live.

For future sessions, can we do a Teams or Zoom session like we had with Ian Boswell? It was a bit more interactive that way seeing the others suffer at the same time


I just watched the recorded version. I always get a big kick out of looking at the power numbers of these folks for what is supposed to be recovery, or even “low tempo”, oh man! Also loved when Sir @IanBoswell popped the question to plot a joint KOM steal and Phil is like, whatever Ian asks the answer is yes.


Phil is a good one.


The A Week With series is brilliant. It was great riding with both of you since irl, I couldn’t even get close. Those power numbers :boom: :hushed:


I can’t wait to see the video produced when Ian and Phil go for the Palomar KOM! That was awesome!