Spend a week with Phil Gaimon for a chance to win!

You’re invited to spend a week in Los Angeles training with legendary ex-pro, self-described “Unprofessional Cyclist”, stealer of Strava KOMs, and cookie enthusiast Phil Gaimon.

Apply a “A Week With Phil Gaimon” to your SYSTM training calendar starting February 14th and learn how to pace maximum threshold efforts — an essential skill if you want to make your own KOM or QOM attempt.

Phil will also be doing a livestream of his Short KOM Efforts workout at 12pm EST on February 16th. Check this space for details.

Share your daily progress on Facebook or Instagram using #AWeekWithSYSTM for your chance to win a consultation with a Wahoo coach, an indoor swag kit, a signed copy of Phil’s book “Draft Animals,” and a bag of his famous cookie mix :cookie:

Bonus points if you can guess his favorite cookie flavor

Apply the A Week With Phil training plan


Count me in!

Feb. 14 to 18, right?


I just completed A Week With Phil Gaimon today. That last long KOM effort was, ummm, fun. Like Defender is fun. So, not fun at all.

Favourite Cookie Flavour? Ermm…chocolate chip is the ONLY cookie. And I WANT ONE NOW!

P.S. Going to facebook now to share my experience. Really enjoyed all the AWW’s so far, looking forward to more.

P.P.S. you had me at bag of cookie mix :slight_smile:


If I’ve googled that correctly, that’s 5pm in the UK. Good timing - I’ll be there!

Despite anything he’ll tell you, Phil privately loves oatmeal raisin the most. It’s just that he has no self-control around them, so tells everyone otherwise.


That’s me with pretty much ANY cookies, ice cream, cakes, chocolate, chips (crisps), etc etc.

The only thing I am not at all tempted by is white chocolate. I mean wth is that $&/t anyway?


Quite the couchlandrian there, Sir Glen. Unless–you are substituting metal grindings for flour and nail heads for the chocolate chips :hot_face:

Between you and me, I’m a dual citizen. Don’t tell a soul :pray: :zipper_mouth_face:

My lips are sealed. Me too. I maintain a home in each mythical land and alternate between them.

Your secret is safe with me. #iwouldnttrustme #norshouldu

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