KICKR 18 issues & 2nd warranty unit


New to the forum here but been using The Sufferfest since July when I got my KICKR 18. Starting in late January I started to see a power discrepancy between my KICKR and Assioma duo pedals of around 5% and that grew to over 11% in April. Wahoo customer service after some back and forth conversations agreed to replace the unit. My replacement unit came in and the power discrepancy went away but the cadence jumps from 80 to 120 randomly especially in low effort intervals and is now around 10 RPMs off. Wahoo has again offered to replace the unit.

Are other folks having this many issues with their Kickr 18? I love all my Wahoo products but I sprung for KICKR and have had a lot of issues. For a $1200 unit I’d expect them to last longer!