KICKR Bike (original) Any way to validate buttons working?

I have an Original KICKR Bike that I’ve been using for sometime now (couple of years?) and with the last two updates in Zwift the steering buttons have stopped functioning. Zwift still shows them as a controller connection just like normal, and the tilt and shifters work (which don’t speak to zwift) but neither the steering nor the right side hood buttons work.

I suspect Zwift is the problem but I would like to know if there’s a diagnostic mode available in the phone app or some other way I can make sure the buttons are actually sending presses.

thank you.

I don’t know of a diagnostic mode, but the steering, U-turn and power-ups have been working for me with Zwift on MacOS (Apple silicon version). Admittedly, I don’t often use the U-turn or power up buttons, but I do use steering a lot. You may want to add what you are using (Apple TV, PC, Android or iOS) or hit the Zwift forums if you haven’t already.

Note - I didn’t get this weeks Zwift update before they eventually rolled back.

I rode Zwift earlier this week on my KICKR Bike V1 and the steering buttons worked - if you mean the ones inside the hoods that shift lanes, I don’t Zwift much. If you want to see if the buttons are working, use the App to set your shifting to emulate Campagnolo, where those buttons shift the opposite of pushing the respective levers in, and see if you can upshift and downshift in the front and back using the App or level mode in SYSTM. If campy-like shifting works right, those buttons are physically okay and the problem is with Zwift.

Maybe not helpful as I have a Bikev2 but my steering buttons were working just fine in Zwift an hour ago.

I’m running Zwift on a Windows PC, my wife’s bike which is the same vintage is working fine right now on her iPad, mainly I was trying to figure out if there might be something physical wrong with the bike, without going through all the work to bind it to her iPad and check it there which I Can certainly do.

While I’m pretty sure it’s Zwift as this has happened before I also noticed the rubber around the handles was pulled out of place around the time this started and I reworked it into place.

I first thought that might have resulted in stuck buttons but I can feel them click each time and they seem to work. I can try switching to Campy mode in the Wahoo app and see if that does anything too that’s a good idea. I really wish there was just a settings screen that would show all inputs on the bike and what they read (Cadence, speed, power, and the value for each buttons) that’d be cool

Update confirmed the issue is with Zwift, pairing the bike to an ipad it works, then re-pairing it to the windows machine it doesn’t work the buttons on the bike are fine.