Kickr tilt not working

Hi y’all new owner of a Kickr bike…bought it for the tilt feature and I can’t get it to work. I did everything that people have posted but nothing so far…any advice.,and who designed the terrible quick releases? Oh my goodness…I wish they were better!,

Are you by chance using a MacBook with Monterey as your MacOS?

Is it not working at all, or just in level or erg mode?

Possibly a stupid question, but if you are expecting the software to change the gradient, have you unlocked it?

Useful link that you might have already seen

Congratulations on the Kickr bike btw, I’ve had mine about 18 months and love it.

Glen, Hey…no, using Apple TV…up to date…i tried “forgetting” the Kickr bike on all other apps…then connected to zwift through the Apple TV app??..thanks

trony, Hey…yes, she is unlocked…I was not in ERG…I’ll add…this is my first 2 days with the bike…so its all new to me, thanks

So you’ve selected Kickr as controllable in Zwift?

And you’ll need to make sure your Kickr Bike firmware is the list current as well

Edit: and to do that you’ll need the Wahoo Fitness App

Controllable? Is that option on that first screen when you’re connecting devices?

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@jimiblue Correct. You need to have that selected or your gradient won’t change on Zwift.

Dude!, thank you…no one mentions that…I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow during expected snow storm, cheers and happy new year

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Happy to help, though why on Grunter’s scorched earth I am helping someone to Zwift only the Mythical Mud Monster of Agonia knows. Cheers!

Exactly, I am back to SYSTM tomorrow!

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Glen I hope you help second right shifter doesn’t work, plugged in only right no response

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I can’t actually help you as I have the Climb, not the Kickr Bike. I’ve heard there are some issues with this version of SYSTM with Kickr Bike controls that hopefully will be resolved in the next release or two.

For this you should reach out directly to support. You’ll find that the minions are the best for resolving individual tech issues.

Glen, you were my answer guy, so you’re saying if I jump on Zwift it might work there? I had a new pro ride all lined up, very sad

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Sorry I can’t verify. I can only stew in my envy of your Kickr Bike :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I thought I saw something on the forums about Kickr Bike control issues. Your best bet is always the minions. They’re PDQ at responding plus they really do know their stuff.

Jumped on Zwift still doesn’t work, I think this bad boy is going back

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Reach out to Wahoo Support. I’ve had nothing but truly stellar service from them. Full disclosure: I don’t have shares in the company or get any kickbacks for referrals :joy: :joy:

The fix might be something super simple.

That’s my situation. Is there any info on when a fix will be available for tilt control in Monterey?

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I wish I did. I’m hoping a fix is in before the ToS :pray:

I would MUCH rather use my bluetooth connection to my MacBook than my Ant+ (it’s not quite as quick to respond and means extra fussing about) or my iPhone which works exceptionally well via Bluetooth and is my current preferred workaround but in my setup means attaching an HDMI adapter and HDMI cable to my bigger screen, and using AirPlay for my wireless earbuds. The iPhone solution works perfectly but I’d much rather cut all the cords :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, random dead shifters appear to be a “feature” of the kickr bike. It isn’t a software issue. More like a grounding issue with the wiring. Mine started playing up after a couple of months of sweating over the bars. A temporary solution (for me anyway) was to very carefully make sure the shifter wires were not touching each other or the bike frame and plugged into the two end ports to help keep them apart. Then they started working again and I could stop them simply by touching the wires together. Easiest way to check what’s going on is to have the Wahoo app open and connected to your bike while you are fiddling with the wiring. It throws up a warning message when either of the shifters are disconnected, so you can see their status in real time. With my shifter wiring carefully isolated it all works fine again for now.

I’ve just raised a ticket with Wahoo and I expect they will replace my bar/shifter assembly. For sure this is a problem they have seen many times before. I’d read about it before I bought the bike and was fully expecting the shifters to start failing. I’m just hoping Wahoo have a proper fix in hand by now.