Kickr bike unforgiving?

Has anyone found the kickr bike to be less forgiving on your rear? Likely due to the frame being rigid vs riding a bike on a trainer. Very little give. Considering using a seat post with a dampener to get some play out of it - maybe one similar that came on the diverge a few years ago. I ride 12-14 hours a week, never had a problem on trainers, just find the kickr bike unforgiving.

Have you switched the saddle? The one it comes with is truly heinous. I’ve swapped mine. But you’re right, it is pretty unforgiving. I haven’t thiyght of swapping the seatpost but that’s not a bad idea actually.


Ditto on switching the saddle, that was the first thing I did. Chosen saddles are non-negotiable issues for me.
I’ve had my KICKR Bike since January 2022 and I don’t find it any less forgiving than riding anywhere outdoors that has a constant, unchanging surface, like a rail trail (groan!) or a really long and flat road (which I don’t have to worry about very often where I ride.)
I admit that I wish the KICKR Bike trademark capacity for tilting the bike to match terrain was more consistently used in workouts; I do miss it when a workout has none, or has only limited changes of slope.
Those changes make a significant difference, in my opinion, and I would like to see that feature utilized more frequently during rides to move us around on the bike.


I do have a new saddle on there - of course! Using the mirror from specialized.

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I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a version that has some motion built in, like they did with the Kickr Move. I find having my trainer on a full motion platform (Saris) really improves comfort. It’s still not like actually riding, but it’s much better.

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I’ve played around with a number of different saddles indoors, as I’ve found it significantly more taxing on the rear than outdoor riding. I’ve ended up finding MTB saddles significantly more comfortable indoors than road saddles, but saddle fit is so individual I’m not sure how broadly that applies.

I think rocker plates and newer trainers with more motion are supposed to help with this as well, but I don’t have personal experience on that front.