Kickr Bike

Hello, I would like to buy the Kickr bike. Does anyone know if the problem has since been fixed?
Loud noises
Loose handlebar


I’ve had one since Nov '20–200+ hours ride time all on SUF/SYSTM–and (a) I love it and and (b) have had no issues that weren’t easily fixed. No loud noises or persistent creaks though there is some kind of resonant hum at around 82 cadence. I had been using an OG 2014 KICKR so coming from that the bike is pretty near silent. It’s really hard to gauge from online groups just how frequent bikes with issues are, but for my $0.02 it’s worth it.

Two small issues I did have:

  1. The front end “height” adjustment slipped a little but replacing grease with grip paste fixed that, hasn’t budged since.
  2. The front end “reach” (the part that telescopes out from the main body) also slipped a bit initially. By pulling off the lever you can adjust the preload tension which was all that needed to be done.

The only review of the bike I saw was this guy which I watched and he admits he is on the extreme side.

I bought one in October. I am extremely satisified. Wahoo support is incredible. I broke a switch on the brake lever when it hooked on my glove and I lost my balance getting off the bike, and they replaced it immediately despite it arguably being my fault. There is a whirring hum at a cadence of 75 rpm that is a bit annoying, so I usually pedal at 77 or 70 on those sections of drills, but occasionally I use the pitch of the resonant buzz to learn to pedal at exactly 75 rpm. Small issue, much less serious than the resonant shaking that a real road bike can develop on certain descents…
The bike makes some creaking if you are aggressively rocking, allegedly that can be fixed with a spot of silicone lube, again I find the noise to be useful in that it goes away if I am using good pedaling form.
The bars do slip down, there are a number of fixes for that, I am going to try the recommended one when I get around to it. I’m currently experimenting with fit, so I adjust it frequently anyway.

The major drawback to the KICKR Bike is that it is too damn convenient, sitting right next to my desk in my basement office, and I am spending too much time on it. Darn.


Glad to see other people posting about the 75 rpm buzz! I was starting to think I was losing my mind!

I’ve had mine for a couple months and yes, my handlebars did slip down. I tightened everything up, problem solved. Generally very easy to adjust to make it fit, even my 5’2" short torso self. I occasionally get a sensation of ‘slip’ when the ERG mode is shifting and I stomp on the pedals but it doesn’t appear to be a flaw. I also appear to have one of the bikes that will rock very slightly front to back when I’m at high cadence (over 110). I suspect it’s bad form on my part but something to keep in mind. There’s a bit of play from the incline system and you can feel it from time to time.

I enjoy mine, find it very convenient. No spin downs to worry about, only one device to connect, and I can let people of average height use it.

I’d also add that the tilt feature is a big differentiator for me vs. the other options. Especially with the new ProRides and On Location, it makes the experience all the more immersive.

If you haven’t already done it ‘the wretched’ is made for the bike