Kickr bike V1 instabile

My Kickr bike V1 is shaking slightly forth and back, although the base is properly placed on the floor.
Looks as the instability is between the bike itself and the base frame.
Any suggestions how and where to fix this?
Thanks a lot

@Myklmister I would recommend reaching out to Wahoo support. You can email, telephone (in the US and UK) and also use the chat feature. They may need a video of the issue to help you diagnose what is wrong.

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Ok, thanks for your reply. Will reach out to them. Have a great weekend

Hi man, sorry for that late response.
I had the reply still in the edit box but not sent out.

Anyway. In the meantime Wahoo support responded.
They stated this movement is fully in line with what the bike should do.
What please!? This is 2.500 bugs piece of technology and they wonna tell me thats normal.
Can’t believe. If this is representative for US technology and engineering - oh my god.

Actually, the Bike is designed to flex, a little. However, it shouldn’t rock back and forth. I would take a video of what it is doing and add it to the ticket. You shouldn’t be feeling shaking or excessive flex.