Kickr Bike Shift - vibrating crank


i just received my new Kickr Bike Shift some days ago and after some issues with power transmitting it is finally running now.

However i noticed some vibrations in the crank when i stop pedaling. Is that normal?
See video:


you are not alone, same behavior on my Kickr Shift crank.

Hmm not seeing this on mine which I’ve been abusing for a while. Have you checked that the cranks (and/or preload bolt) are properly tightened?
Having watched the video closely, that clacking sound is NOT normal and it might be the flywheel that’s not freely and smoothly rotating, causing the belt to shake the cranks.
Can you redo the same test but out your hand on the flywheel’s plastic cover to see whether you can feel any shaking in there?
Whatever the result, seems like something to raise with Customer Support.


Yes, i can feel some vibrations. Feels like an unbalanced tire.

did you contact support regarding that?

Seems like definitely an issue with the flywheel… usually Wahoo CS is super good, so I’d get in touch with them.

Additionally when moving the crank backwards i can feel different resistenances during one circle.

just got response from wahoo support:

the behavior of the crank is normal, this is the clutch bearing that rubs slightly due to its ability to hold high torque. This only happens when coasting or turning the crank backwards; there is no resistance when pedaling forward.

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No, haven’t contact the support regarding the vibrating crank. But I send a question regarding the “ticking” sound, which you seems to have also. Haven’t got any answer yet.
Seems like ours behaving the same, when I hold a hand on the plastic cover the vibration syndrome is here too. not always but maybe on a certain speed or when it slows down.

I’m sure this is the clutch, as they said… But I wouldn’t expect it to be normal. My V1 KICKR Bike certainly does not do the moving on its own during coasting nor ever has. I just tested it again to be sure that feet off the pedals didn’t remove just enough pressure to let it move, and No, it does not move at all.
That said, pedaling backwards and getting SLIGHT resistance is certainly expected. You are after all, connected to a drive mechanism with a clutch and there is going to be SOME sense of friction between them, which is basically what Wahoo is stating, in my opinion.
HOWEVER, while mine does not MOVE the pedals when coasting, even with my feet off the bike, if yours actually pulses when your feet are ON the pedals the way it seems to do when feet are OFF, I’m sure I wouldn’t really like that sensation. It might get better over time… or might get worse.
My gut says that clutch bearing is a little TOO tight… but I’m just a minion.