KickR Bike V2 - IP address(es)

I’ve got a KickR Bike V2 and I just discovered that it’s connecting to my WiFi using two IP addresses simultaneously.
Why is this?

I can see both the KickR Bike connected to my router but also a second device called WIZnet which has the same IP address as the KickR Bike when I looked up the sensor in the Wahoo app.
In total, two IP’s are used…

Both are connected via 2.4GHz WiFi (according to the router), and it doesn’t change even if I use my Direct Connect adaptor and Ethernet cable.

Last and maybe least, the KB WiFi disappear from the wahoo app from time to time, that is: it’s connected but not seen with the NETWORK headline in the app.

It’s all very confusing. Is it Ethernet or not, why does it connect using two IP’s… ?