Connection interference

Hi. I have a brand new kickr 6 and everything works perfectly. I use a iPad Pro as monitor and uses Zwift software. My friend uses Elite hometrainer and is connected using an Apple TV to his own monitor - same room as me.
He also use zwift software and it works fine UNTIL we bike at the same time. As soon as I turn on my kickr his connection is gone. My watts and speed is then shown on his monitor in zwift eventhough his is NOT connected to my wahoo kickr 6. My gear takes control over his zwift gear??? I’m NOT CONNECTED to any of his gear and he is not connected to my gear. HOW is that possible???
Is it ANT+ or something else…
Appreciate your help as this denies us the possibility of riding together.

I’m guessing this is a Bluetooth thing as neither the iPad nor AppleTV use Ant+

Because the Kickr is capable of broadcasting more than 1 signal, it can connect to more than 1 thing. That’s what I think is happening in your case with the signal from the Kickr being more powerful than the one from the Elite.

When your friend loses their signal to your equipment, can they go into the Zwift connection settings and re-select their Elite stuff?

Hi Glen
Thanks. My friend IS connected to his own Elite trainer when we check in zwift. The Kickr is shown in the cennection screen, but not as connected just as a possible connection. Thats what makes it very confusing.

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Strange indeed. In any event, welcome to the forums @Per. Hopefully someone here with some experience in side by side recording can offer a tip or two.

In the meantime, I’d highly recommend putting in a formal support request. You can do that here: