Kickr Bike Virtual speed incorrect

Hi everybody,
I was wondering if someone can help me out. I am using a Kickr Bike V2, Systm (7.74.1) and MacOS (14.4.1).
When on a hefty climb doing a lot of watts, the Virtual Speed is showing unrealistically high speeds. I therefore tried the Virtual Speed function coming from the Kickr Bike itself, as this should correct for the gradient. However, it’s only showing around 2.8kph and the display line is flickering. When I stop pedaling the speed briefly goes to around 30kph, then stops.
I reached out to Wahoo support, did what they recommended (updating Systm, removing and pairing everything again) but to no avail.
Has anyone encountered the same? I haven’t tried the Kickr Bike on Zwift yet (no subscription right now…), so I don’t know if it works there…

SYSTM doesnt really consider gradient when it works out your virtual speed, because it doesnt measure elevation gained in a ride. Its literally just looking at your power and cadence. Riding indoors is a bit wierd in that metrics like speed dont really matter, only power and HR. As long as your power profile on SYSTM is up to date, I wouldnt worry about the speed. Same in Zwift…it gives unrealistically high speeds that I definitely would achieve in reality outside. SYSTM is a bit better thankfully.

While the kickr bike reads “gradient” data to adjust the tilt, youll find there is no difference to vSpeed when the tilt changes as long as your cadence and power stay the same.


Yes, Wahoo’s virtual speed is “estimated flat land” speed. It doesn’t take gradient into account

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Many thanks for the explanation!

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