Kickr core regular speed drops / Wahoo Systm

Hi community,

is it normal that the speed is dropping like this ? I already read in a “wahoo help post” that it can be caused by bluetooth/wifi interferences. Im far away from any router or pc. I only use the ipad next to the bike. Would be great if anybody can give me a hint whats going on. Kickr core was set to ERG.
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R u using virtual speed? If not, give that a shot and you might find the speed report is more accurate and doesn’t show dropouts.

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funny thing. I never experienced something like this in systm. Your speed seems to be reduced every 31 Seconds.
But I have a similar thing most of the times in Strava from my SYSTM rides with virtual speed.

Strava with oscillating/reduced speed about every 23s seconds:

SYSTM speed looks OK, but it might be smoothed:

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@Glen.Coutts Thank you for your reply ! I will give it a try :slight_smile:
Im happy to be here :wink:

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@Thomas Im syncing to garmin i just a looked at the speed over there. The graph seems to be the same. In general i have no big problem if the graph is not smooth but i sometimes have low frequency vibrations and want to exclude that the force control loop of the wahoo kickr is not ok. Next time i drive, i take a stopwatch and see if the vibrations happen in a oscillating manner.