Registering impossible speeds (100 KM/H)

I just started using Systm, but when I used other platforms, like Zwift, the speeds seemed much more accurate. I am on a hybrid bike, and I would be getting speeds in the low 20’s. That matches my bike and my fitness level. On Systm, I was able to get up to 100 KM/H. Using a Tacx Vortex and Android, though the same thing happens with the iOS app. Any advice?

Are you using the Virtual Speed, or the speed from your trainer? If you switch to using the Virtual Speed that usually does the trick.


I’ll give that a try, thanks!


I was going to say, it’s totally legit and the power of training via this platform which gives incredible performance gains, but actually yes, just use Suf Speed.


If using a wheel on trainer and a speed sensor then this can be the case. On rollers with low resistance I’ve regularly been able to have the wheel spinning at 80kph plus. Using the SUF virtual speed will sort this out for you and give a more accurate speed relative to the workout