Kickr Cadence

Anyone know the maximum cadence a kickr core can read? I know my 4iiii crank PM only goes up to 170rpm which is about as high as I get from the kickr. I also have a duotrap on my trek and a wahoo speed/cadence on my winter bike, can’t find the range for those. Would be a bit easier to get motivated if I knew I was getting accurate RPM

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Hi @f2f! The Kickr Core doesn’t have an imposed cadence limit like the Kickr Bike does. The max reported cadence will probably come down to gearing on that bike. I’m afraid that I don’t know the limits of the algorithms used in the calculation, though.


I found my trainer (Tacx Neo) and my crank power meter (Quarq DZero) get flaky on cadence above around 170rpm. The Wahoo BlueSC sensor, which is the type which goes on the chainstay with a magnet on the crank arm at the pedal axle, seems to be the most accurate; that tracks to over 200rpm as far as I can see.