Kickr Core Freehub slipping

I noticed that when I soft pedal my kickr core freehub won’t engage sometimes. It seems to work fine when I hard pedal. It is an early model one that only came with a Shimano type freehub. I’m using a Shimano 10sp cassette on it that is re-spaced for Campy 10. I checked and the chain is fully engaged. It hasn’t been an issue during workouts, but sometimes problems start out small and then get worse over time.

Is there some adjustment or screw that needs to be tightened, or some lube that needs to be added?

Unscrew the end cap and the freehub should pull off, then you can clean, re-grease the pawls same as you would on a wheel hub.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at that. Is there a specific tool I need?

I7mm cone wrench or adjustable spanner

It says Campagnolo on the page but its the same method with a Shimano freehub

Campagnolo Freehub Installation on KICKR v4 (2018)+ or CORE – Wahoo Fitness Support

Got it. My core must be from 2017 because it says on that page that the Campy freehub is not compatible, and that’s what almost made me choose a different trainer. I’m still using Campy 10, and the Ultegra cassette has .2mm shims between all the loose cogs to give me Campy spacing. Funny enough I was looking for something in my basement yesterday and I found the material I’d made the shims from. It was plastic sheets that were used as overhead projector slides. Remember those?

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Yep, got a drawer full. Hope servicing the ratchet works for you.

I did the servicing today and it was really easy. Because the freehub isn’t a standalone unit like on a hub, the pawls are easily accessible and are held in by a thin clip. I popped off the clip and was able to clean everything easily and just put it back together with fresh grease. The old grease had gummed up. Everything works a lot better now, no clunking sounds, I can hear the ratcheting as I coast, and even the shifting is better since I had to remove and then replace the cogs. I also lubed the chain, something I do all the time when riding outdoors, but just kinda ignore on the trainer.

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