KICKR Issues

I have a 2016 (2nd gen) Kickr that has served me very well. It’s on its third belt now and I’ve undertaken some basic servicing.

However, of late it’s developed a low frequency hum and there’s a definite feeling of roughness. I’ve checked the belt tension (which has caused extra noise when too loose in the past) but that’s fine. I also know it’s not bike related, having had the BB on my static bike changed very recently.

Does anyone have experience of similar issues or of what to do in terms of servicing/maintenance? I’d prefer not to test Wahoo’s customer service dept as I’ve not heard great stories and don’t need the extra stress at the mo!

My big fear is that this problem could lead to a pause in Suffering in the near future. Please help save me from that fate!

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Very interested to hear thoughts on this. My Elite Direto started making a similar sound. Have not started trouble-shooting yet.

I got a Kickr Snap last week and my avg power has dropped significantly from my Tacx flow, then secondly the Snap has a very distinct swooshing sound under pressure. Is both these normal?

I’ve found that the resistance on the trainer is definitely higher than that of the flow, that’s very nice to see / feel :wink:

Hello, I have had my Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer since August, 2021. For the past few months there has been a loud and highly detectable low frequency hum like the one described in this post. We have performed the regular, monthly and semi-annual maintenance as prescribed by Wahoo to no avail. We have reported this to Wahoo to no avail. SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE TOO. This noise is intensely distracting and can be heard several floors up in our home.