Kikr V5, Polar Grit Pro, Zwift

Anyone know how to get things right.
Have a Kikr V5, Polar Grit Pro and driving in Zwift.
Seems that it is impossible to get same lenght in Polar Flow and Zwift.
Have tried changing the wheelsettings. Last ride was 165 km in Zwift but only 133 km in Polar Flow.
Grit is connected to Kikr and should get data from it but why is there so big differens
Everyone is updated to latest version.
What am I going wrong?

BR Jouni

Zwift is calculating distance using a combination of the Kickr reported power and Zwifts in-game proprietary physics model.

The Kickr is also transmitting distance based on flywheel revolutions to your Polar grit.

the 2 devices you are recording your workout are measuring different things they will never agree.

Indoors the true distance travelled is zero.


Speed and distance for indoor cycling, both things not to dwell on and accept that when recording simultaneously across different devices they can and will differ. And are made up. And just numbers.