Full Frontal and Slope Mode

Question for everyone. I have a Kikr and today did Full Frontal. I started in Slope mode but was getting really high resistance from the Kikr in Slope mode. Felt completely wrong and had to switch to ERG mode which then felt easier at a higher level of effort than SLope mode. Also had lots of issues with buffering.

Anyone else experienced this and, if so, any recommendations on how to overcome it?

I am not rushing to do Full Frontal again but do feel that I left something in the tank.

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What are you using to record speed and cadence? Also which model of KICKR?

Hi there! That seems really strange and I’m wondering if your Kickr connections aren’t correct in the app? Can you send us an email at theminions@thesufferfest.com? Hopefully we can get this sorted for you and get you back to proper Suffering!