Well it’s live guys. I’ve created a charity fundraiser for the Stroke association in the UK. My partner suffered a stroke 5 years ago and its left her dealing with chronic central nerve pain. She was in her early 40’s when that happened!

Anyway I thought what better way to keep motivated as suggested and what better cause.

Thank you all.


I’m sorry to hear of your partner’s stroke and resulting pain, though I’m sure that the motivation to help with be a benefit to keeping you on track and toward helping to improve the world through your contributions to the Stroke association! I had raised funds for the Davis Phinney Foundation in my knighthood ride, and a friend recently raised funds for a high school mountain bike team during his knighthood. I believe that it’s always a great idea to do something to help others when we seek a personal challenge such as knighthood. Chapeau and post a link where we can support you/donate when you’ve got it set up!


It’s been a long struggle to say the least but she’s a fighter and that’s one of the reasons I love her :wink:.

It’s amazing how a platform like this can help good causes, you guys all do an amazing job and should be proud of the achievement. Well done to you and your mate for raising the funds for the charities too :+1::grin:

Thank you for allowing me to post the link here, I really do appreciate it.


And stickers…


Ahem…I believe they’re decals :grin:


Stickers or decals, they’ll be taking pride of place wherever they may go :grin::ok_hand:


Is it “dee-cal” or “dehkle” as the GCN guys pronounce it?

Anyway, the IWBMATTKYT “decal” looks awesome on the seatstay of my Bianchi. :wink:


You’re just showing off Rick :wink::rofl:. Knighthood and a Bianchi! Sheesh :roll_eyes:


My kids would say “nice flex dad” and my Italian wife has fewer objections to cycling gear and kit made in Italy. :grin:

Best of luck on your “mission.”


Haha yeah it was definitely a flex. I caught that :sunglasses::ok_hand:
Thank you guys for the donations so far I appreciate everything that’s being so generously given. It means a lot :heart:


Neither, it’s pronounced “sticker” :grin:


Best of luck, man!

Some info on this post has given me a bit more motivation to take a knighthood on. Still on the fence, though! :joy:


Do it mate, do it for a good cause too, makes it worth while.

Thank you :ok_hand:


Hi again guys,

So an update on my progress. So far I have raised £419 of my target of £500 for the Stroke association UK, I’m over the moon. Everything is on plan training wise.

Veloskin and high5 have supported me with the quest too :ok_hand:.

I have today posted about the challenge on my Instagram account Gods_country_geordie so hoping some of my followers will be so kind to donate also.

Feel free to follow my progress on Instagram if you want and again thank you all so much for your help and support.

You’re an amazing bunch :grin::grin:


That’s pretty awesome, Jeff. I’m glad to hear you are on track.

I had a look through your instagram feed, I like the pictures. Hopefully some more will join the good cause.

Keep us informed.

And with Veloskin on your side, what can go wrong? :wink:


Cheers Pierre, glad you like the Insta pics :wink:.

Veloskin were great and that for sure is going to come in verrryyyy helpful for the butt during the quest :joy::crossed_swords: as is the soothing after balm :rofl:

I can’t wait to actually give it a go now and get myself down for a Sir Knight jersey :wink::wink::wink: (when available, of course).


So I have an update on my quest.

I started the Knighthood training plan this last Monday. It’s been going great up until last night when I started to feel lousy. This morning I’ve woken up having cold sweats and just feeling pants.

I’ve just been and had a Covid test and should receive the results tomorrow so I’m having to have today off work.

I’m skipping today’s workout which was Getting away with it… I really hate that I’m having to do that at this point of the plan…

What do you guy’s suggest with how to go on from this point and still hopefully be ready for the challenge on the 20th December?


You’re doing great, I know how much you push yourself and I know how much this is bothering you that you’re missing today. You’ve got a really high temp and you look awful today (sorry, you know what I mean though).
You even thought about still doing your workout even though you’re feeling pants :flushed:
Please just let your body have chance to battle this illness and then you can get back to battling your knighthood training.
And don’t forget I’m super proud of you :heart:


Thank you Shell, you always know what to say :kissing_heart:.
It’s terrible timing but I have my hopes high that this comes back negative so I can just smash in through it. Bloody typical :roll_eyes::weary: