LAST CHANCE - Get Your Personal Message in Blender, Stage 7!

FAME ! Or at least Big in Sufferlandria. As we do every year, we’re offering you the opportunity to get YOUR MESSAGE/DEDICATION in a video (Blender) during Stage 7 ( The Sir Dan Corrick Memorial Stage ). It works like this:

  1. Show proof (screen shot) of a fresh $50 donation in this thread. The donation has to be FROM you, but can be TO anyone (including yourself).

  2. In your post, write the message you’d like to appear on screen. The message can be pretty much anything - a note to cheer people on, a congrats, a dedication, a reminder to yourself why you’re doing this…whatever. Just keep it to a max of about 20 words.

  3. We will put your message, along with your name, somewhere in the Blender video of Stage 7 before the stage opens. It will remain there for a few days after the stage closes.

  4. Everyone sees your message. Thinks your awesome. Honour, Glory and Everylasting Fame are yours.

HURRY : You must get your donation and message in the comments section within 24 hours of this post. Anything after that time might not make it in. Go!


Sir David,
is it ok to post a message to support of Ukraine ?



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We Got This!! Go!! Go!!
Riding in Honor, Glory & Victory for my dad, Bob Miles, & for everyone with Parkinson’s!!


Got it!

Riding in Honour, Glory, and Victory for all those suffering in Ukraine. Knights of Sufferlandria are at your service. :heart:

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Got it!