Tour of Sufferlandria registration now open

Registration for the tenth edition of Tour of Sufferlandria, the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation in the World, is now open.

Join us Feb 27 - March 5 for seven days of stages showcasing the harsh beauty of that tortured country on the shores of the Great Lactic Acid Sea, all to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation and their programs that help those affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

For full details on how to ride the Tour and what to expect, check out the official Tour of Sufferlandria page in the Help Center.


Sir @dylan.robbins , the ‘is now open’ link doesn’t seem to be working yet. It’s redirecting back to the main DPF website.


Let’s Do This !!


I’m in! Thanks for posting the link, @anon93050083.


Hi, will there be a TOS poster this year? I don’t see one yet on the web site. Thanks.

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No poster until the rpute is announced because the route is on the poster. Hopefully we get a poster.


Thanks! I have a faint recollection that in past years the poster design, excluding the stages, was shared and made available for purchase, with shipping after the route announcement and in time for the tour. But, my memory isn’t what it was. LOL.


Looking forward to the ToS22 route announcement! :crazy_face:


2 questions:

  1. Will there be race bibs?
  2. Is fund raising to get a passport going to be available?

Just registered & added a lil extra $$$ too. Will get my family to donate a lil bit. Looking forward to it…:man_biking:t2::hot_face:

Im in!

I am getting a "not secure’ website error every time I try to access the site. I registered this AM with no problem and sent donation emails, now I can’t back in. Anyone else having an issues?

I’m in!!!


It does look this the main site (2022 Tour of Sufferlandria - Davis Phinney Foundation) is not using https, hence the warning from your browser. Depending on your browser, you may have the option of ignoring the warning and proceeding to the site anyway.

I would hope that the web site admins get that site set up to be accessed via https. Once you get further in to your fundraising page, it does start to use https (…)

Quick questions. This is my first time in the ToS. I entered and donated. What is next? How will that account will be linked to my Systm profile? I use the same email address, but I had to create a new account in the DPF webpage. I also received the email from DPF. Thanks!

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It looks like the login credentials are not being send over an encrypted connection. I believe your financial information is being sent over an encrypted connection. There really is no excuse for situations such as this anymore.


Hello @Francislrt! Here’s my take at answering your questions, as I wondered similarly last year with my first ToS. First, it’ll be a blast, but you will suffer. :joy: The connection between SYSTM and DPF is you, there isn’t a technology tie between the two (unless something changed for this year). On the SYSTM side, go to Training Plans and add in a Pre-Tour training plan. Soon, the Tour plan will be available to add to your calendar. On the DPF side, fundraise, fundraise and fundraise! Here’s a snapshot from last year’s ToS from my calendar. Also, check out ToS 2021 Stage posts where you’ll see lots of great tips from other riders and fotos of pain and suffering. Hope this helps!


It’s been a while. I guess it’s time to get off the couch, put down the doughnuts and head to the pain cave.


Thanks for the answer and the screen shot. I am in the prep already. Was just wondering if there was a connection between the two sites and how will Wahoo know if people registered with DPF or not? I will wait and see how it works, thanks, enjoy the suffering.