Level Mode

great looking app and finally an android version

i read about using level mode and not erg for the full frontal, just several questions on how to go about using this over erg

  • can i use my rotor power cranks as power source and my elite direto for level mode?
  • what workout/s to do to calibrate or find what level i can use to match the target power/cadences
  • i read start with the biggest cog and shift every 20 seconds start with the small chainring as well, ok to go to the big plate once i reach my middle cogs or stay on the small ring?

If I were you I would use only one power source for all my SYSTM workouts. That way you don’t have to worry about differences in accuracy between the pedals and the trainer and will always have consistent power numbers when training indoors whether in ERG or Level mode.

So, while you could use the cranks as your power source and the Direto in level mode, you probably want to avoid this for the reasons I said above.

To find which level works best for you at different types of efforts you can use any Open Vid eg. 30 mins, and test out what a sustained FTP effort feels like at level 1,2,3 etc and which gearing & cadence helps you maintain that effort. Then, do the same thing for MAP and AC efforts to see how different levels feel and what gearing combo works best for you (and the best one may be different between different types of efforts). Same thing again for Sprint efforts, see what level works best, what is the best gear to start in, whether you need to shift gears and when.

FWIW, I found that level 2 pretty much works for everything for me and for the Sprints I usually use my Big Ring and toward the smaller end of the cassette.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


good morning Glen!!

thanks for the insight and i will do what you suggested on using the trainer for both power and erg/level

will try all what you suggested, my account`s a few years old already but had issues with storage as i was still using our ipad now with the android version, i now have almost 300 gb of space to use :slight_smile:

my chainring combo is 50/34 so might mix it up and test before i do the 4dp, i am currently on zwift, finishing up with the 2021 Academy so once this is done, will go switch and finally apply for knighthood. Everybody doing the Eeveresting thing but cannot see myself doing it indoors for now and the knighthood plan is still there was just waiting if an android version was coming, finally its here so next target will be that for me before the year ends.

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Good morning! I am always happy to help others suffer :wink:

There is a great Knighthood planning page on Facebook if you’re on there and interested. There is also some great advice from Knights and those planning their Knighthood here on the forum too. Lemmeno if you need some help finding it.

FYI, there are a few Knights (myself included) that have done both their Knighthoods and have virtual Everested. There are even some that have done Knighthood, virtual Everesting and irl Everesting. You’ll find no shortage of people looking to challenge themselves here :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it very much. ill go with the knighthood first, its been a carrot i have been chasing for the longest time. oh yes, have been part of the FB group for years already but will read thru again. i guess being old school - only issue is the taking of selfies each stage, hard if we started way before social media and cell phones so not really good or into taking pics LOL!!


I was the same during my Knighthood, snapped a quick pick with my clipboard showing each workout checked off. Nothing fancy. I also otherwise shut my self off social media and texting during my quest. I know lots of folks thrived on the jeering/heckling/encouragement but I needed all my focus just to get through it.

I’d also coveted Knighthood and in particular the decals since landing on the shores of the Lactic Acid Sea. My quest was in the serious planning stages for the better part of a full year. You’ll do it! You’ll CRUSH it! MTP for the win :trophy:


I would use what you plan to train with. If you will be doing ERG with your trainer, I’d use your trainer’s power reading.

Thanks, will do.

Hi Glen, finally did a workout using level mode, I guess this mode teaches us to learn how to use our gears again vs erg mode. I did go thru several levels, think went high as level 2.5 or 3 but settled back to 1 or 1.5

I also see no way to download the workouts/videos prior to doing them in the android version and no ble as well. Tried pairing my cable ant to Blu tooth device but looks like not compatible.

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I think that downloads have not been set up in android just yet but it’s at the top of the list I hear. I also don’t think that ant+ is supported in any of the mobile platforms including iOS. If you’re having any tech problems though it’s always best to reach out to the minions at theminions@thesufferfest.com

i`ll send them a quick email as well on the cable compatibility - so far so good though, loving the level mode, keeps me thinking like being outside

-Your fitness is merely a vehicle. Do you know how to drive it 140.6 miles?

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Hehe. Some folks swear by ant+ and others BTLE for stability and reliability. I’m firmly in the BTLE camp. Good luck in any case. Yah, level mode, you gotta keep on your toes for that. I tend to only use it for the fitness tests as required or I switch into it for the super short sprints in The Shovel or Violator. Otherwise, I’m pretty much full time ERG.

i like ble better as well but given my old school hrm, pm are still ant+ and working, no reason yet to get the dual ones.

oh yes, will go back to erg again once i am done with the 4d next week.

enjoy the morning and the weekend awaits us!!

-Your fitness is merely a vehicle. Do you know how to drive it 140.6 miles?

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I use both. BT for my trainer for responsiveness. Ant+ for my HR and cadence for reliable connectivity.