Violator in ERG

Violator was on my schedule today. I know the recommendation to do it in level mode vs erg and I think that’s because the ramp-up delay in erg can mean missing an entire 5-second interval. Despite that, I used ERG and hit every 5-second interval with nearly a PR. The ability to pedal at a high cadence when the interval starts lets me reach a higher peak than if I started in level mode so I wonder if I’m really hitting those peaks or if my power readings are skewed somehow.

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Hey there.

Leaving the ERG/Level thing aside - power is power. So if your trainer/cranks/pedals or whatever you’re using say you’re generating ‘n’ watts then you did. So fantastic effort basically !!

The ERG thing - what you’re Doing there is simply working super hard a bit before each interval (as you say, to ‘manage’ the ERG process). So you’re already working hard before each interval starts and basically nailing it.

This can be very trainer dependent. I know I can do this too on my direct drive trainer as long as I’m basically just taking 2s only between the fast intervals (I’m not capable physically of completing the workout that way).

So I say - if it works go for it.

One wee thing - the ‘spirit’ of Violator isn’t really to hit those numbers - the origins of this workout was that those numbers would likely be a reflection of you’re declining power during a set of maximal sprints. So ‘in theory’ you just stick it in a gear that’s super hard and smash every one - and your body will limit the power as it progresses.
ERG trainers change all that.

FWIW - I do the short ones in Level then as soon as the gaps get a bit bigger - because I’m rubbish at estimating bike gears / power / doable sprints on a trainer - I press the @ button and switch back to ERG for the longer ones.

Hope that helps explain the background


Thanks for explaining, it’s good to know that the power numbers shown are real. I realize it sort of subverts the goal of the workout if I’m starting with a high cadence and use that to help hit the power goal but I’ll take it anyway.


Thanks for the post and to @Martin for the reply. I struggled with this yesterday. I now get it and would probably follow Martins lead on doing the short sprints using gears and remainder in ERG.

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I’m not sure this is correct if you’re using your trainer to measure power and set erg resistance. If you’ve a seperate power meter for measuring your power then, sure, power is power.