Little details missing from Sufferfest

A couple of small Sufferfest details that seem to be gone now:

  1. When doing workouts, we used to be able to control the volume of the music and sound effects separately. Now it seems those only have “on/off” controls.
    (I don’t mind the music but prefer it quieter, but I do want the sound effects so I don’t have to constantly look at the screen.)
  2. In the Sufferfest, when viewing the video library, videos would display “Last Suffered” info. This seems to be gone now. Is it still there somewhere but I’m just missing it?

@Crgmoyer #2 - it is in the works. Apparently it wasn’t ready for the launch date. Not sure about #1 - that seems like a good idea.

Another change I’ve noticed w/ SYSTM vs Sufferfest: Sound effects and music are on the same “channel” now, meaning if I toggle the music “off,” sound effects also turn off. Anyone else notice this?

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