Sufferfest Videos glitch and blank out

Over the past couple of days I have attempted to train using Sufferfest videos on the SYSTM app. I have gotten about 20 minutes into the workout and the video and music completely blank out. The SYSTM keeps tracking my data and the timings for the training program continue to run (to include the audio cues for changes in cadence and power). I have tried to pause and play, switch apps, stop and start pedaling, but nothing brings back the video and music. I have been running the training session on Wi-Fi and the signal is strong. I have not tried to download the video and played it locally (my next attempt) so that may fix it? I am running SYSTM on my iPad (8th generation) and all of the data feeds continue to display and record in my workout (power, cadence, speed, heart rate). It seems like the problem is with the Sufferfest video and music. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Videos were “Do as you are Told” and “Long Scream”

Always recommend downloading first if you can.

This blackout issue has happened to me twice over 8 months. Oddly, the second time I had downloaded the video, but something went wrong with the download (I tested it after I finished and then downloaded again to fix it). Fortunately, the workouts were hard and I was staring at my stem anyhow.

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@Venom34 Sorry to hear - definitely try downloading. I have had that issue once - it was a while ago. One other thought is to try toggling the video on and off again to see if that helps. You can do that in the Display tab and select Play Workout Without Video - toggle that twice to see if it helps. Hope you are able to resolve the issue.