Little help here pls!: What's sensor should I use? Power

Hey everyone !
I am new on this Kickr set up…
It might be needless to say that I use SYSTM but for the clarification.

1- I notice that the app shows 3 different sensors to measure the power. Which one should I use?

2- I notice that the cadence sensor that comes built in is not very accurate. I kind of have to slow down the pedal spin for it to update and catch up. For that I am using The Garmin cadence sensor that I have.

3- I also noticed that so far, using the shift doesn’t do much, since the trainer seems to re adapt and make me spin and push at the same cadence and power.

I will appreciate if yoy guys and give me.some tips.
Pick attahed to show the three options that it shows as power sensor.

Thanks !


Hi and welcome !! I’ll try and help in-line below….

This was a bit of a starter for 10 quick reply. Hope that helps.
Ask away as needed

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Hi @andrei_da_02. Lots of tips from Martin there. There are also some “helpful trainer tips” on the support site including a guide to erg and level modes and a “connect your trainer” tool. Here’s the link

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If I were you, this is what I’d do.

  1. Click Remove for Bike Power. You don’t need it.

  2. Click Remove for the FE-C Trainer. You have Bluetooth which is better and don’t need it.

  3. Click the first four grayed out icons on Wahoo KICKR to turn them on (they will turn green). This might happen automatically.

  4. Make sure the icon in Virtual Speed is green. This is not terribly important, but will give you less nonsensical speed measures.

  5. If you want to add you own, better cadence sensor, attach it to your bike, click Add Device, and select it from the window that will pop up. Then make sure the cadence icon on the new sensor is green and the cadence icon on the KICKR is gray.

  6. When you’re in ERG mode, shifting doesn’t matter. The trainer keeps power the same irrespective of cadence or gear. Best results are in the small chain ring and bigger half of the cassette. IF you want to control power with shifting and cadence (not really the point of a smart trainer except for a few specific situations), change from ERG mode to Level mode in the KICKR device.

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Thank you so much… ! Pretty clear… ! Now I do understand better.
I had a simple fluid trainer before this new smarty fancy one ! … With your help I learning to use it smarty! Lol :laughing:
Awesome support :clap:!

Awesome… thanks!! Cristal clear ! :ok_hand:
appreciate the support !