Mash Up Names For Fun

Blubbler Replace the 3 20 min intervals in Cobbler with 3 20 minute intervals from Butter

Butter Idol
The Best Rookie Chores In the World
There is no cure

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Over to GvA’s nightmares:
Recovery is Easy
Half Frontal
Recharging Station


It seemed like a dark wretched hammer spiral in the thin shovel air on SUF Idol


Half is no Fury


Well that depends on which half.

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For the Tour:

A Joyride through Norway, but Who Dares to be the Attacker or the Defender of the Cure. The First Half is Easy, but the rest is one long Fight Club, Nine Hammers long. Nonetheless, some think Cobbler is the G.O.A.T.



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The Best Blended Cure In the World