May the Fourth (JEDI) KNIGHT RIDE!

Sorry REBEL SCUM citizens - a little late this week. Wrapping up the semester with a stack of papers and final exams to get through. Promised I would get to the rides though.


My fall CX training started this week (120 days to race day!), so feeling like I want to stretch my legs a bit - I have a 2.5 hour endurance ride on the menu. This week’s (JEDI) KNIGHT RIDE(s) will be on Watopia’s Big Foot Hills route.

67 parsecs km, 708m of climbing, with the TATTOINE Fuego Flats desert sprint and FIVE KOM’s on offer… :grin:

Standard ride specs: banded workout, late join up to 30 minutes, and feel free to leave if/when you need to.

Going to be shaking the times up again this week - still trying to work out the best times to cover everyone.


Sign-up links below:

KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 0700 EDT/1200 GMT
KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 1200 EDT/1700 GMT
KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 1900 EDT/0000 GMT

And may the force be with you…



I may be able to join the ride on the fourth at 11 am CDT provided the glitch that is extending my membership continues to hold up. That and the regular caveats.

Thanks for continuing to set these up, Cap’n Sir!


Oof. None of these times fit my schedule. I ride between 5:30-8:30PT. That’s 8:30-11:30ET. So I start too late for the first ride and finish too early for the second.

That early 9amET ride always was perfect timing for me.

So at this point I won’t be able to join. Unless it’s riding alone at the back of the early ride.


May the Forth be with everyone. I’ll be joining the last Saturday ride. Been very busy but I want altmeters for the Tron bike…


Good morning Knights et al: so we’ve done 5-6 of these now, would appreciate any thoughts on the timing, scheduling, etc. I’ve been limited in my ability to review because the events go away after they’re completed.

Would love to know which ones are being more attended and which less; if we’ve spread them out enough that riders anywhere have at least one chance to make a ride, etc.



First, it’s been great that you’ve coordinated these, so thanks for taking that on, Cap’n Sir Ian! As for timing, given my CDT location, if I am able to attend, the highest chance will be with a start time from 9:00am - 12:00 pm. Any earlier or later becomes much less likely. Also, given our short outdoor riding season, I am going to be less and less likely to attend from now until October/November.

The few rides I have been on have been great with attendance from between 2 and 5 or 6.

So for me:

  • as long as you keep doing them,
  • as long as my schedule and morning routine allows,
  • as long as the weather is not great for an outdoor ride, and,
  • as long as my account is active…

I’ll be there for at least part of a ride. :slight_smile:


I think sticking with the original times would be best at least for me. The 9am ET (6am PT) ride was perfect for my schedule. I could also do a 10am ET (7am PT). Sometimes I could do 8am ET (5am PT), but that’s pushing it as far as early wake up calls on a Saturday.

This last week’s times completely skipped over my 3 hour riding window and didn’t work for me at all, sadly.

The 9am ET rides often had 5 or 6 riders, sometimes 8. Tho going into summer it could drop.

I can’t vouch for or comment on any of the other times.

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9 - 12 your time, or EDT?

OK, so maybe I rephrase: I’m trying mainly to accommodate those knights (and citizens) in Europe, Asia, and down under with the second and third times for the ride. What time works best to bring you folks in?


9-12 CDT, Sir

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05:00 - 07:00 GMT on Saturday morning would allow me to join. Current timings are far too late in the day, but since I’m suggesting 00:00 - 02:00 EDT maybe I’d be riding alone.
Like usual…


Not to be a real PITA, but a 6, 7, or 8 am EDT ride would NEVER work for me. However, I’ve been on the 3 pm rides, either Saturday or Sunday. That’s Noon here. I do rides outdoors either day, but I try to make it back to be in the group.
As to the size of the group, it’s going to vary. Right now, we have the best weather conditions for the year. Give it a month and it will be between 30 and 35 at 6 am.

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