Medical Certificate for French Cycling Event

This one is for UK residents: I need a medical certificate to participate in La Marmotte in France. I’ve asked my GP a while ago, but after twelve weeks of it sitting on their desk, it now seems that they do not want to sign the certificate. Something to do with not wanting to be liable in case something does happen.

How have others organised this? Are there organisations that provide such a service? I found one that charges £165 for it. Surely there’s less extortionate ways to get this sorted?

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Not going to recommend that you get creative with Photoshop and make your own…

Do you have the option to use any other doctors? My local surgery did a letter for me. I remember the wording was vague enough to say they had tested me, but couldn’t be held liable if something did go wrong


Usually there’s standard physical testing that’s done and that’s all that needed to be signed off on. If your doc is hesitant about it then you should easily be able to find another doctor who should be able to do it. One more knowledgeable and experienced with the process. It’s usually boilerplate language with specific things to check and wording that keeps them from being held liable, so I’m surprised your doc won’t sign off on it.


Some simple templates here if you haven’t seen them

Online option for £75


Thank you @RichardK , that’s a lot better thank forking out £165 for the same thing


I’m pretty sure an NHS GP will not sign off such a form. You will probably have to go private and pay. My local NHS surgery has a price list on the wall for non NHS services such as this.( I live in NE Scotland and based on the list they do a healthy trade in offshore Medicals and vaccinations for oil industry workers)


Thanks for the feedback people!

The online ones scare me a bit, there’s a lot of info that they request and most of the providers don’t have names, addresses or company registrations on their sites. They’d disappear in the event of trouble, or could simply be harvesting personal data. I just doesn’t sit right with me.

Having pestered the local GP a bit more they’d finally came back to me and offered to do it for £55. I suppose it landed on the wrong desk the first time round. They asked me to come in for a basic check up and then signed it off.

Now back to training… I did as I was told yesterday - what a gem.