More time trial videos, please!

As a Time Triallist I love the sequences where I got to ride with the Big Guns of the sport, notably in The Long Scream (Spartacus. Sigh) and Team Scream. I know that there are some time trial sequences in other videos but a whole event would be great. After doing Cobbler and seeing the complete event unfold so well in a brilliant edit I would suggest doing some of the great time trials of the last two years, notably the opening stage of the 2019 Giro d’Italia and the crazy time trial that was the penultimate stage of the 2020 Tour de France. Great scenery in both plus courses that were partially flat and then very steep. Of course, the UCI course for the Worlds in Innsbruck was great too!


Gotta have a Team Scream 2.0

The plucky Sufferlandria becomes the team lead and she/he must keep control of a bit of a disorganized team.

Along with the DS shouting instructions in everyone’s ear, François laying down some massive techno and rock beats as the DJ in the support car with speakers blaring at 12, they pull the last two laps together and mount an impressive attack to take the win!

Or something like that.


I really like the immersive experience of Team Scream, with the on-bike camera, and the uninterrupted flow of the footage. I’m in favor of more workouts like this!


Worth a Feature Request this and I’ll give that a vote !!