Moving 4DP profile from Sufferfest to Systm

I have my 4DP profile from Sufferfest that is the basis for all my Sufferfest rides. I assume this info will migrate to Systm but I can’t find where it lives. In Sufferfest this info was easily found and modified if needed. It can’t possibly be the case that this info is lost. In addition to it being a PITA it would mean doing another 4DP test. In Sufferfest these pararmeters could be entered manually.

@Waters Select My Profile at the top of the app and then select the athlete profile tab.

@Waters your latest 4DP should have migrated to SYSTM. You need to find Athlete Profile in your app. Its location may vary depending on your OS. e.g. in iPhone you go into Profile, then select Athlete Profile but on iPad, Athlete Profile is easier to find. You can still manually adjust it if needed in Athlete Profile.