MTB: Marathon Plan vs 100 Miler - ORAMM 2022

After a somewhat successful ORAMM in 2021 (I missed my goal by 9 minutes to finish in 6:09), I am looking to prep for event this year again. Looking at the revised plans, I would like to know what the difference between the Marathon Plan is vs the 100 Miler in the MTB category?

I just finished the MTB Marathon Plan for a B race, and felt like it was great prep (50 mile & 3500ft = 4:15 on the bike) but not sure if it would be enough prep the 60 mile, 10,000ft event and my new goal of trying to break 5:30

My FTP is steadily increasing which is nice, but looking for suggestions and ideas to make the training as effective as possible until the event on July 24th.


Hey @paschmann,
If you’ve already used the Marathon plan, I’d go to the 100 mile MTB plan for your next, longer event. Not that you wouldn’t have success with the marathon plan, but the 100 mile plan will be different, which will spark greater adaptation, especially since you’re already a well trained athlete. It will also give you longer endurance sessions which is important for nudging your endurance up in preparation for a long event, but there is still plenty of intensity within the plan to work your MAP and FTP which you’ll need to drop your finish time under 6 hours. I would also choose to add strength if you have the time to do it.
Does that make sense? Please let us know what you decide to do and how the race goes in July!


Hi @Coach.Suzie.S - thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I agree with and like what you have proposed.

Out of curiosity, what would be a good training plan suggestion for Leadville? I didn’t get a lottery spot this year, but will keep trying :slight_smile:!

I’d say it depends on your weakness, and what training stimulus you need more of. For example, the weekend schedule of the MTB 100 mile plan has a long endurance ride on one day, but shorter, FTP/MAP intervals on the other, which is great if you have a MAP weakness. If your MAP is strong but have a sustained effort/FTP weakness, I’d go with the gravel 100 mile plan because it’s similar with the long endurance rides but also includes longer sustained intervals.

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Thank you, excellent and insightful advice!