Mountainbiking 70miles and 5000hm. Training?


I’m want to prepare to mountainbike rides with 70 miles and 5000 hm… what kind off trainingsplan is best to do…

@robbert.r Try the Marathon MTB plan. That should work well.


What @JSampson said. Depending how long you have ahead of your event consider Season prep or event prep.
Happy training :slight_smile:

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Goodmorning everyone,
I have the same question …
I will finish the 4DP test this week and have to create the training plan for the next MTB racing season.

type of races: MTB marathon 60-> 120km 3500-> 4500 Mt D +

Which plan to use? bearing in mind that:

  1. the winter season begins without competitions
  2. I will have the first “simple” races in April / May
  3. I will need the maximum performance for the important races in the months of June / July and August.

Is there a single plan?

I follow a “winter” plan until March, which one?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions

Here’s my mental map / current approach.

Pre-Season XCM (on week 4)
Couchlandria Week (Aligns with Winter Holidays!)
Tour of Sufferlandria prep plan (TBA)
Tour of Sufferlandria (TBA)
Post TOS (TBA)
Pre-Season XCM
In-Season XCM (this should end on the weekend of your “A” race / Big Mountain event)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Erick, are those you write the names of the training plans I find in SYSTM?

See the screenshot from @JSampson above.

The Tour of Sufferlandria plans are usually added late December early January