My first 26hr ride

Having ridden 200miles in long day i was keen to do an audax where it would be necessay to ride all through the night.

I did a modified Lincolnshire Poacher 400 which i had entered late weekend but had to withdraw due to a family crisis that took me to France.

The ride took me around the old county bounday. A real mix of hills, the coast and wide open fens. Carrying 2kg of trusted nutrition supplemented with food from control points. I found real liking for cold rice pudding and chicken.

Weather has hot in the day with increasing headwind that was savage and increasing as time passed. Especially hard work in the fens with nothing provide respite. Desperate to get a break from the wind and have a nap i eventually nested in some ling grass and reeds by a bridge where i had shelter and neither i or my bike could be seen the grasses provided a brilliant soft matress. Woke up after 40mins. Boy did i feel reenergised.

All in a great adventure. Even met 3 audaxers in tbe middle of the night who bailed on 600km ride due to the strength of the headwind which was energy sapping.

Finally home within the allocated time having covered 414km and 257miles


My God, man. Have more ice cream.


Well done!


That’s a well deserved Magnum right there.

Awesome work. Congratulations.


Thank you

Apologies for the late reply (was away doing my own Audax - LEL). Nice to see other Audaxers on the forum - and well done on a 400 in tough conditions. There’s something cathartic about riding through the night though - I love stopping at the top of a hill at 1 or 2 in the morning and just experiencing the silence and isolation.

Kudos, and here’s to many more!


I was helping at the Hessle CP. Hope you enjoyed the event. Aiming to do 2025 edition. Currently enroute to start LeJog

Hell yes - it was the most engaging and challenging thing I’ve ever done (followed by Mille Cymru a few years back). And that’s in HUGE measure to the efforts of the volunteers - I was in awe of the spirit and enthusiasm shown by everyone in dealing with all us tired, grumpy riders. So a big thanks to you for making it awesome for me.

I can highly recommend that you ride it, though. Just pick a year that doesn’t have 30 degree heat every day!

Huge well done, that’s massively impressive! How was the recovery over the following days/weeks?

Had 3 days recovery then gentle tapering as started 1000mile+ Lands End to John O’Groats 3 weeks after the ride. Which is all going well with just 145 miles to go :slight_smile:


Oh good work. I’ve just left Lands End after a break nearby. Had I paid attention and I could have joined you for company in the first section!

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