My Mt Sufferlandria

…for the last three years has been a 10-day, 1200-mile tour around the perimeter of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s called the Tour Da Yoop, Eh, and it is a great event that raises awareness and funds for UP families with kids who have cancer diagnoses.

In 2021, I signed up for the entire 10 day tour and used the MTP and GG200 plan to prepare. I got a lot stronger, but when I started the ride, I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to finish. The relentless mileage and climbing (over 32,000 feet in total) were a shock to my body. I skipped a couple days in the middle and came back to limp through the last few stages.

After that, I devoted myself to building strength, both with the Systm strength workouts and in the gym, and I started learning how to climb hills. I rode all the local climbs that were scary to me over and over until I wasn’t scared anymore. I used the GG200 plan again, incorporating hilly outdoor rides.

In 2022, I went back to ride the stages I had missed, plus a couple more. I did better, but it was still really hard, such that I dreaded each day’s work and didn’t really enjoy myself. I bonked, too.

So last winter I looked back at my Systm history from the past two years and found that I had been lying to myself about my compliance with the training plans. There were many weeks with no long z2 rides, and some weeks with no recorded workouts at all. I vowed to do it right this time, and go back to the UP for one more chance to nail the 10-day ride. I used the GG200 plan during the early spring, then focused during outdoor season on challenging group rides and back-to-back long rides to test my nutrition strategy.

I just got home from the 2023 TDY, and am happy to report that I really did nail it! It was hard, but hard like a tough workout, and I could feel it making me stronger instead of just exhausting me. I saw beautiful scenery and enjoyed quiet roads that I had been suffering too much to notice before. I rode with both slower and faster groups, took my pulls and helped out weaker riders. I took the measure of each hill and calmly climbed. And the mental strength to average 120 miles a day for 10 days seemed to have finally flowered. There were plenty of tough moments, including a crash, but I never let anxiety or whining take over my mind.

I am so grateful for this platform and for my Sufferlandria citizenship, without which I would never have attempted this and never have known that I could be the kind of person who does it well.

Here I am with my husband and perfect riding partner on the morning of day 10.


Very impressive.


YOU’RE A BEAST, @DameCristy. Both because of what you accomplished, and for your honesty with yourself in addressing your issues and getting where you needed to be. Glad to be part of your fan club and this community!

:clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


Awesome accomplishment. The fact that you didn’t give up after the first attempt and rededicated yourself speaks volumes. The entire kingdom is applauding with respect. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story with us.


WOW! That is sooooooo HUGE! Of course it wouldn’t have been Mt. Sufferlandria if it wasn’t but still. WOW!!! Neither of you look like you’d just endured over 1000 miles of riding!!!


Monstrous!!! Such an ace story of overcoming your Mt Suff! Inspiring!!!


That is fantastic! Such and incredible accomplishment! I love success stories like these. Not just because it proves this platform works, but more because of the community and especially because of your personal growth and the improvement in your mental strength. Your story makes me want to go out and find a new Mt Sufferlandria! But, anyway… Big chapeau to you! Well done!



Sir Glen, never underestimate the power of sunglasses and warm sunrise lighting :wink: Our smiles are brave, but our eyes are baggy.