New to the suf

Hi all Sufferlandrians.

Looking for some advice on where to start. Currently using zw*ft and have done a couple of training plans on there, all be it pretty basic ones, last one I done was the fondo plan. Ride pretty much everyday alternating workload hard one day active recovery next day, tend to take friday off and then have a couple of rides on the weekend and back to it Monday with an easy ride.

My time is quite limited, I usually have about 30 mins to an hour for my workouts.

Can anyone reccomend a good plan to start on my sufferfest journey?

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Welcome, first this is 10,000,000% better than z**ft!

I did a few random sessions to start then did the full frontal ftp test and signed up for a program with strength and yoga. I love the structure.

Enjoy the suffering

Hey @MillsOnWheels Welcome to Sufferlandria. You can never leave. You are also joining at a most auspicious time. The Tour of Sufferlandria 2021, the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation in the whole wide world runs from February 14-20. You can read more about it here. 2021 Tour of Sufferlandria – The Sufferfest It is basically a “fun” filled 7 days of riding prescribed stages but more than that, it is the SUF annual fundraiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinsons Disease. $15 US to enter then every $10 US you raise or donate gives you a chance at some incredible prizes including the coveted Kickr Bike. If you’ve just finished the Fondo plan in that other place, I am sure you’ve got the fitness for it.

I promise you, you wont regret signing up. This Forum is the official race village but there is also an active FB group. Welcome once again to Sufferlandria, you can never leave.


Hello and welcome!
I would suggest to have a personal look at all the plans.
If you do not have any specific target in mind, the “All-Purpose Road” is a good one.
Select “Novice” and “Indoor Only” and see for yourself if the workouts suit you.
Just a clarification: Novice does not mean that you are novice, it refers to hours/week.
Add some yoga and strength if you like.

For something easier, you can also check the Transition “Ramp Up”, although this has yoga and strength training baked it, so you may or may not like it.

Couch to Crasher is also good, eSports Racing if you want to do some racing as well.

Enjoy! :hot_face: