Need info for good smart trainer for mountain bike

Friend of mine is looking to buy a smart triner for his mountain bike.
3 ring front and long cage at rear.
Any recommendations?

Two routes he could go:

  1. Direct drive, but needs a compatible cassette. I’m assuming he has at least 10 cogs on his cassette.
  2. If not, a wheel on smart trainer with a smooth trainer tire would work.

That said, there are many trainers that would work. For an exhaustive look check out dcrainmaker’s trainer recommendations. I use a Kickr and would recommend it but it’s pricey. There’s also the Kickr Core and Snap.

Tacx and Elite also make some good smart trainers.


As has been said, it’s important to find one that is compatible with the cassette you’re running at the back and also with the axles being used (quick release or thru-axle generally). Here’s some info on the cassette spacing and here’s some on the axles. And finally, some more info on the KICKR, which applies to the KICKR core too as a cheaper price point

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