Need to merge Blog and Support Site content (or match it)

Have you suffered today?

With the transition to SYSTM and with SUF web content being subsumed into (and sometimes deeply buried in) the Wahoo support and blog pages now, it would be great if some of the minions could trawl these pages to ensure that content isn’t duplicated or, if it is duplicated that it matches exactly.

To be fair, this may be the only page but I am guessing there may be more. If not, it’s an easy fix :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the Knighthood challenge in the wahoo Support Pages where Norway is still listed as eligible which it isn’t (and where a link to the form to submit one’s quest is included in the 4th bullet from the bottom)

Here is the “same” content from the wahoo Blog where there is a reference to the form at the bottom of the page but no link to it and no button but Norway is no longer listed as eligible, cuz it isn’t:

Also, interestingly, the Blog content is found under the “Contests and Sweepstakes” category which is intriguing and makes me wonder what other evil GvA may be hiding in the pile of shredded chamois :thinking:


Something that needs to be looked at is how buried the info for Sufferfest is. Specifically the rules for Knighthood as you mentioned (which I have to do a search for, if I was unaware of what Knighthood is how would have i known it existed?)

What about the Tour of Sufferlandria? It’s an awesome challenge that could attract some people, yet I see it nowhere and is probably buried somewhere (though I know it’s in the forum, how’s anyone supposed to know it even exists.)

Perhaps it’s the new marketing strategy phasing these things out.

I think they are aware now and are working on it. If you read the announcement post from Sir David, you’ll see there’s a lot going on. ToS isn’t going anywhere and the Knighthood challenge isn’t either. 🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀


We are actively working on finding better ways to get more of this stuff front and center. Please give us a bit more time, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


I know I won’t be disappointed and I know the minions are all over it now. I’m not going anywhere. You just keep being awesome Sir @Cody.Moore !