Knighthood still a thing?

Dear Sufferlandrians,

I planned to become a complete member with my Knighthood and it is planned for December 19th.
That is my personal mount Sufferlandria. The Goat on the flag is watching every single training session very closely.
I had even an additional motivation to become the very first KOS of my native country.
However with the move to Systm I can´t even find the list of the Knights anymore. I know David said it is still a thing but honestly it doesn´t look like. But I can take a picture of myself and become a Wahooligan…this instruction I found…that sounds also like a real challenge…
I can´t help it but my motivation did get a big hit honestly…I probably should just be patient and hope that the spirit comes somehow back.
Oh here was my battle plan:

Do As You’re Told
Power Station
The Chores
Who Dares

So long


Knighthood definitely a thing as evidenced by the KOS training plan (Event Prep/ Online). The Honour role will return.

For now, during this transition phase, I recommend you contact the minions as there’s an online form you need to complete once you’re spent! The KOS page also had the list of workouts/ videos that count towards a knighthood although your list looks good - full of appropriate suffering.

Good luck - will lower the drawbridge as you approach.


The latest list of eligible workouts is here Looks like the submission form, like the honour roll, has gone awol but I’m sure GvA will restore order soon enough. Note that Norway is no longer eligible as it is a Pro Ride, not a The Sufferfest video. This old school Knight supports that decision, other opinions may vary.


Oh have to find a Norway alternative then. Thanks!

Team Scream would probably be a good Norway replacement


Hey @TheBlackKite, I remember you posting your plan in the Before Times. As you now know, Norway is no longer eligible. I agree with Sir Lee @aerobrain that Team Scream would be the most similar alternative but others might suggest a bunch of super short sprints like, say, Violator :hamster: or a couple of wee 20 minute efforts such as in Hell Hath No Fury :slight_smile:

In any case have fun choosing and here is a link to a different page (form the Support pages rather than the blog) with most of the same content but this one also has a link to the actual form (4th bullet from the bottom). Still missing the Honour Roll but I’m sure that a minion will be digging that back up from the SUF Mines.

  • Upon completion, fill out this form. (don’t send us an email – we need it through the form).

Another good replacements for Norway is ISLAGIATT :goat::goat:


I think I will replace Norway with The Bat :slight_smile:

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Ha, the reason I didn’t link to that support article is because it still shows Norway. I’m sure things will settle down soon enough so there’s one true reference.


Dang it! You are right Sir! FWIW, I just created a new topic asking that the minions merge the Blog and Support site content so things like this become a thing of the past (like us :slight_smile: )


The best replacement for Norway is either Cobbler or Blender. :grin::facepunch:

I´m calling it off!
It was a difficult decision but I cancelled my SUF subscription…
I just don´t get over it what happened. I was missing several things on SUF compared to other platforms (Powermatch, useful calendar…) When the big announcement came I was super excited that finally those things will arrive and maybe more…But nothing what I was interested in is there but instead now even the history is gone and 4DP changes…OK apparently will be back soon but we know what that might mean with SUF…and as an extra, the Videos are not working correctly anymore, the awesome intro is gone (only reason for me to switch off the music later) and additional "non Sufferfest videos have been introduced’ … I mean if I want to see sceneries I use Rouvy or Fulgaz…If I want to see GCN type of videos I use Peleton…and the KoS info and knights list has disappeared…We talk about simple pages…that those were not even migrated yet says everything about the priority it still has. I chose Sufferfest BECAUSE of the Sufferfest videos and Sufferlandria…that was the selling point to me but in my recent plan there was an entire week without any single Sufferfest video…Now seing also the Systm trailer and not seing a single time a goat or any mention of Sufferlandria tells me that its time to leave.
I will find another challenge for the end of the year I´m sure.
I´m out of here and leave the place the the new Systm crowd who will soon take over and complain about the ‘stupid’ Sufferlandria and stupid jokes…
And it really makes me sad to see all this…
Wahoo I started to like you but you messed up here :frowning:
P.S. I keep the Goat flag over my TV!


Seems u have made up your mind @TheBlackKite and I’m not gonna try and change it. That said, these things to me are the growing pains that no amount of beta testing can anticipate. I came for Sufferlandria myself, and for that reason (and others) I can never leave. I 100% believe that all of these things (the Knights list, the history etc) will all make their way back as things get sorted. I think people tend to overestimate the resources that wahoo has available for this and underestimate how difficult some tasks are.

It’s funny hearing you talk about the laser goat cuz there are a bunch of OG Sufferlandrians that thought the introduction of the laser goat was going too far off track and made Sufferfest and Sufferlandria somehow less awesome. I always chuckle when I see that cuz we are after all a mythical nation and one who’s mascot is a T-Rex called Fluffy :joy:.

In any case, I hope you do find everything you’re looking for and know that you’ve always got a home here in Sufferlandria. I’ve even put a special chair aside for you. I’ve taken it out of the castle. It’s quite uncomfortable, just like you like it.


both pages now updated :slight_smile: though honour roll still MIA :frowning:


Thats good news, at least this :slight_smile:

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My thoughts exactly, and I’ve also canceled my subscription

This Systm rubbish is no longer Sufferfest