New Episode of The Knowledge Podcast - Life Happens: How to cope when you miss a workout

Here we are again with another episode of The Knowledge by Wahoo! How are we doing so far? This week’s discussion is one I learned a lot from. Here is the breakdown.

Even the most committed athletes miss the occasional workout. In this week’s episode, Wahoo sports scientists Mac Cassin and Neal Henderson give practical advice on what to do when life gets in the way of your training. Bottom line: skipping a session isn’t the end of the world, in fact, it may actually do some good.

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ooh, that’s a familiar feeling:

“Yeah, I can say from personal experience that if riding a bike is kind of your outlet for stress, and then you become stressed about missing riding, it can go south pretty quickly. And that’s not a fun place to get in when your one outlet for stress is now causing you stress because you can’t do it.”


I am so guilty of this, especially at present. I almost wonder if I’d be better without a plan so I have no ride to miss to get stressed over!

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Feeling this right now. I need the non-bike recovery, but it’s hard to recover when I am stressing about not riding. :grimacing:


How important is it to maintain the order of the plan?

For instance, I have an 1:47:00 FTP on schedule for Saturday and 1:10:00 Shovel on Sunday. I have to work Saturday morning and it would make life a little easier to swap them.

I am probably overthinking it here, but I tend to believe that workouts where put in an order for a reason.

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@cannoncruz They are, but swapping them round might not be a bad idea IF your ride today was something like Getting Away With It. That will give you enough ‘circulation’ to do The Shovel. However, if it was Revolver, Violator, or The Omnium or the ilk (HIIT) you might find that doing both back-to-back is too much and getting your Courage to the surface requires dialing down the ride. Only you can determine if it is appropriate to do the swap, but take into consideration the advice above.

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