New Episode Up! - It takes VO2 to tango: Demystifying VO2 and VO2MAX

Excited about this one! Most endurance athletes have heard the terms VO2 and VO2MAX, but what do they really mean? In this episode, Wahoo Sports Science coaches Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin breathe some life into this sometimes confusing topic. What’s the difference between the two terms? How do you calculate and improve your VO2MAX? Do triathletes and time trialists need to do VO2 workouts? What happened to Neal’s hair?

Listen Here! The Knowledge Podcast by Wahoo


This sounds awesome. Having a combined weakness of vo2 and follicle retention, I’m all over this.


Me too!

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I loved this episode! I don’t have a biochem background, so I plan to listen again. I’m sure I’ll improve my understanding on the second pass.

Thanks for really getting into it and trusting your audience to keep up.


I think the link is not the good one in the « Learn more » section :wink: