🚀 New Knowledge Episode - Part 2 Legal Performance Enhancing Supplements that Actually Work 🚀

Here’s why and how Creatine and Beta Alanine can aid performance.

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The world of supplements is full of amazing - and dubious - claims. It can all be pretty confusing. So in this second of our four-part series, Mac and Jinger discuss the proven science behind Creatine and Beta-Alanine. You’ll learn what they’re good for, how and why to use them, and who can expect the most benefit from them. Oh — and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you should pay particular attention to this episode!

Enjoy it! It’s Nice!


Can we bring the transcripts back please? I’m not a good listener (ask my wife) and prefer to read it.


Yep, started using them about 2 months ago now from my own research, as an old codger I need all the help I can get!!! From my experiences the tingly feelings from the Beta Alanine can be reduced/stopped by dividing the dose up over the day and taking it with food.


This! I can read the transcript in 5 min and remember the info a lot better. I can only remember what I hear if I write it down, and I don’t see myself taking notes on a podcast :joy:


Transcripts link is fixed y’all! Thanks for the heads up!


Hi! I’m thinking of trying Creatine for the first time - any advice for a super-skinny 40-something guy who’d like to put on a few pounds (not the bad kind) and put out a few more Watts? Does SYSTM have me covered or would I need to lift some actual weights? Thanks.

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Many on here would die to be super skinny!! but there is a balance, some loose too much weight and their power drops or put on too much and their power goes up but their watts/per kg drops maybe ok for a time trialist on the flat but not for a climber for example. I have been taking Creatine Malate for well over 4 months now with Beta Alanine as well and I can’t really say I have put on any weight maybe a kilo or so but that varies day to day so from my point of view it is insignificant. I have though noticed a big difference in my leg/quad muscles and seem to be a bit better at holding a higher power even when my legs start to hurt. Considering I am 69 years old I consider that a plus as technically my muscle mass should be declining but that doesn’t appear to be the case from what I see. So on that basis I don’t think taking Creatine will give you much or if any of the weight increase you may be seeking. You just need to eat more with some healthy fats thrown in (coconut oil, walnuts, almonds oily fish etc) and up you calorie intake. Why not do the Half Monty now to get and estimate of FTP as a watts/per kilo figure then say work hard at putting on some weight and do it again in 3 months time at you new weight and compare figures. You may find being super skinny is your ideal weight as far a power is concerned.


You can get stronger without getting bigger—through improved neural drive—but I suspect if you really do want to build muscle, you’ll need to do some resistance training. I mean that’s how creatine works to build muscle, right? Supports the energetic s that power incremental additional strength training?

SYSTM strength can be a good start, along with nutrition like the poster above mentions, but you may want to eventually get in the gym if this is really your goal


@devolikewhoa +1. Been doing this as part of my off-season two days a week. It is ugly at first especially when getting on the bike but now things are coming around.

@peet Either go with SYSTM strength lower body stuff which is very good or start really light on weights at first and very gradually increase. Or do both but definitely cut down on bike work and let yourself acclimate. Some of the plans will add strength and adjust the volume so look for those but you may need to go further.


Since the latest podcast on energy drinks/gels isn’t up here yet, I will tag in a comment here, since they are related. 1) you talked about before you exercise but you didn’t talk about should you dose again after a specific amount of time and 2) you missed one other ingredient that at least that famous austrian drink has…bicarb ahh buffering lactate in the can say no more.

Think the effects of Bi-carb have been mentioned in one of the podcasts??

they have did you know that it is in some energy drinks, that was what I was noting.

Don’t waste my money on energy drinks ot any energy gels/bars/drinks etc. Easy to make your own and mega cheap. It’s like anything ready made that panders to peoples laziness… EXPENSIVE…

Or busyness.


Agreed but only takes a few minutes. I live on the state pension so making my own is easily the most cost effective.

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