New SYSTM app on Amazon FIRE TV stick?

Hi all,

Loving the new app so far. Is there a way to run this on an Amazon FIRE TV Stick ?


Thanks Padair. looks like you have it on a Fire Tablet. Do you know if it works on the Fire TV Stick? Not sure you can get the Google App store on Fire TV sticks anymore?

Sorry Oliver, I misread your original post.
Not sure, are you able to have Google playstore on your firestick?

I don’t have a Fire stick to test but it looks like you can sideload apps on to it, in which case the process might be similar to the Chromecast with Google TV:

The Play store unfortunately doesn’t work anymore (amazon and google rivals I suppose). They have also removed the ability to sideload it onto the fire stick as well. There is an app called Aptoide TV which looks to host all the same content, but I cant see the SYSTM app in there yet.

If anyone does get it to work please let me know. For now it will be back to iphone and screen mirroring.

Was going to test this today by sideloading the app. Didn’t know it was removed.

My other concern would be usability, i.e. would the remote be enough to use the app or would I need to pair a mouse to be able to use it?

If it’s anything like the Chromecast you’d probably want to pair a mouse. The remote sort of works, but it’s not good enough to use on it’s own.

So, just tested this on a Fire Stick 4k. It didn’t work.

This doesn’t mean it won’t work in the most recent versions of the fire sticks.

The Fire Stick 4k has Fire OS version 6, which is based on Android 7.

All the Fire Sticks launched after have Fire OS version 7, which is based on Android 9.

Android 9 is the minimum OS to run wahoo systm.

This investigation just means it won’t work on a Fire Stick 4k (originally launched in 2018). The most recent Fire Sticks might work or might not.

For more details on the Fire Sticks specifications and Android versions: Device Specifications: Fire TV Streaming Media Player | Amazon Fire TV

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I wasn’t following this thread but I just tried something on my amazon phone and to my amazement it worked.

The Fire TV stick lets you cast from an android device directly to the Fire. Make sure the device and the Fire are on the same wifi network, then enable Display Mirroring on the Fire and on the Android check ‘Enable wireless display’ and bob’s your uncle.

I’m afraid I have no idea if you can do the same from an Apple device.

I don’t think this answers the OP’s actual question but it perhaps helps someone.

Apologies if this has already be listed, or indeed if it’s stating the bloomin’ obvious. It’s the first time I’ve ever cast anything from my phone or anything to my tv. It’s going to be very helpful for yoga sessions which I usually do on my phone yet in front of an unused tv.

Now if only I could download sessions on Android as my broadband is crap yet need to be on the wifi for this to work…

Unfortunately it is not possible. I have tried the many options and ways to install the apps. Still I am using Free channels with Firestick, and the associated apps to enjoy the video content on Firestick.