Android version 8 downgrade please

Would Wahoo please consider adapting the Android Systm app to run on Android 8 too, not only 9 and above. I don’t need a new cell phone at all. My Xperia X is perfectly right for me, but it cannot upgrade above Android 8. The only app not being functional is Wahoo Systm.
Now, in the playstore, Systm does not show as being available for my Android 8 cell phone any more.
But before having been blocked, I downloaded SYSTM, and found it to connect perfectly to my trainer-bike and my HR-band, though not displaying any of the available data, neither heartrate, nor power, nor cadence, nor speed.
Which, by the way, all show up normally when running Systm on my Desktop PC. So the app can function completely well with all of my equiment. My PC is, however, situated in a different room, making potential cell phone useage far more practical for me. Apart from possible future outdoor useage too.

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I’m afraid I simply don’t see this happening.
Android 8 is out of support and doesn’t receive security updates anymore, on that basis alone as a device on which you log in to services and have apps installed, you really should be looking to move on.
It will become the case that over time now, you are going to find more and more of your apps no longer functional, especially if you use your phone for secure services such as banking.

I work in the IT sector and this last year, especially, has seen a sharp increase in the numbers of attacks on operating systems and services. Cyber crime is only on the increase.

Sadly, we have to see software driven devices as disposable. Plenty of otherwise functional computers are about to become redundant simply because they didn’t have a TPMv2 module.
It is, unfortunately, the way of the world and companies have to hedge on the side of secure.
The platform holder (Google, Android) have declared that OS version End-Of-Life, so regardless of your feelings on your phone, it is, unfortunately, effectively dead.

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Yeah, all of this. Some companies are much worse than others in forcing upgrades via end-of-life support, but unfortunately backwards-compatibility in the mobile arena just isn’t worth the infrastructure costs and security/vulnerability risks.

You are (rightly) thinking of your ability to still use a perfectly functional device, but SYSTM and their host provider(s) have to consider the risks of allowing your out-of-support device to access their network.

And we won’t even start on planned obsolescence. :grimacing:

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Thanks, Jon, for your considerate comment.
I am aware of rapidly escalating risks, but until now cannot find a suitable new one.
My Xperia X is a compact, and I would not like a (much) larger screen at all
(now: dia 4.6 in, by 0.37 x 5.08 x 2.56 in), though I’m
certainly interested in an Android 11++++ phone.
Being inside of IT, would you have any suggestions?
If not publishable here, please mail directly.

Honestly, I don’t really do phones.
I’m professionally IT these days, but like to be as tech free as I can possibly manage away from work and I don’t have to deal with phones professionally either (other than to determine when they are a security risk to systems).

The Asus ZenFone 8 appears to be about the smallest flagship model currently, though and it’s slightly taller, but otherwise not significantly wider or more deep than your Xperia X.
The Xperia 5 iii is about an inch taller, which is significant, but otherwise matches the width and depth of your current also.

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@CPT_A and @joob83 Android 8 does have SOME support. However, you would have to check with the device manufacturer to see if they are going to continue support. That being said, you are more likely to have a problem if you click on that mystery link (yes, I have many years of IT/Cybersecurity experience and retired as a Senior Security Engineer). Now, that being said, using an old device leaves you subject to other issues such as sudden device failure. I replace my device every two years because of this. Good luck finding a newer device that will fit your needs. Sometimes, bigger is NOT better!

…thank you, and I like smaller much more too…

The Pixel 4a will be what you want (have it myself, awesome phone and still more or less compact)

A more useful reply: just sideload the Systm app:

If you install the apkpure app:

It’s possible to update the Systm app with 1 click. I use this methode on my Nvidia Shield (Android TV)


Sadly, APKPure hits a parsing error on WahooFitness.SYSTM installation, and won’t install.

If you are still happy with your current phone and would prefer to keep it rather than purchase a new one it might be worth investigating flashing a custom ROM onto it in order to be able to run a more recent version of Android. There are some caveats such as requiring a certain amount of technical know how to go through the process, although it’s normally well documented on sites like XDA Developers, and it will void the warranty (which is probably not an issue now given the age of the device). I’ve done this on several phones in the past with no issues.

Can you install the app but not from the play store??

@charlesberger Thank you for reminding me. I’ve done it before, and completely forgot about the option.

@Padai Yes, why?

Does that not resolve your issue?

how would it?

Sorry I must have miss read your issue. Was the issue you could not get the app from the playstore due to the minimum version supported for download

correct, yes, but before it had been blocked for download, I got the app which would, however, not function usefully within android 8

In the mean time I rooted and upgraded my Xperia X compact to LineageOS16==Android 9.
Everything is running fine, except the Systm app, which after connecting to all green flags for Power, Cadence and Speed of my bike, will not show any actual values at all, only the acutal Heart Rate from my strap.
I’ve consulted the help desk. More connecting problems with Android 9 seem to be well known, but unresolved. Huge disappointment.