No Chromecast Support Built into SYSTM Android App?

Yes, I know I can cast my whole screen to my Chromecast, but it would be way nicer to have built-in Chromecast support in the new Android app. Any idea when that will be out?

Having an Android app is really nice, other than that.


I can cast my whole screen…don’t know why you can’t! I’m using a Samsung tablet cheap as chips. No probs

Like I said, I can cast my whole screen too… but my phone screen has to stay on for that to work. Not sure why there isn’t a cast button built into the app.

I bought a Wahoo Kickr V5 over the weekend, and am trying out various training apps. I like Systm a lot, except that it has no built-in support for Chromecast or for Android TV, or any smart TVs, except for the AppleTV.

I’ve been able to cast my phone’s screen to the TV, but find the process rather cumbersome for something that I’ll be doing almost daily.

Are there any plans on releasing proper Chromecast support?

Or, even better, Android TV/ Nvidia Shield TV or general smart TV support, like most of the other training apps?

Any hope of this ever happening?

Cheers, Stephen

I would like that too.
Meanwhile you can sideload SYSTM 7.12 directly to your Android device. See more information in this thread: SYSTM on a Chromecast with Google TV (Unsupported)

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Thanks for the support, Thomas!

I’ve seen the discussion about side-loading SYSTM onto an Android TV device, like the Nvidia Shield, but am reluctant to sideload due to the security concerns.

I think that straight Chromecast support would be basic and essential for a fitness app.

Support for Android TV or Apple TV would be nice for those of us who use them, or for anyone setting up a pain cave.

Given that SYSTM 7.12 seems to be mostly working on Android TV when sideloaded, maybe it would not be such a big effort to get officially working…

Almost a year on and no news on this? My phone can’t really keep up with full screen casting even though things like GCN with built in cast will work fine. Really need this feature.

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