New to SYSTM, suggestion

Been a longtime Trainerroad an Zwift user and am trying (paying for) SYSTM now. Others allow seeing power, HR, and cadence traces on one graph during the workout. SYSTM should too. Short of that would be adding keyboard shortcuts to make it quick/easy to change between power/HR/cadence graphs during a workout. Also, make the trace colors different of each one. Seriously…

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I like the idea of a quick toggle to cycle through them - for those of us with rigged up keyboards or something - but seems like would be pretty cluttered to overlay all (or some) of them on-screen. To me anyway. I guess I’ve also not found any great utility in using the cadence or HR overlays in-workout with SUFF/SYSTM, as it’s primarily a power-based program. I’ve played with the cadence one a few times on cadence-heavy drills, but I have the current cadence on-screen already, so didn’t really see the point of having it on the graph.

Curious your thoughts on what you would use the cadence or HR overlay for in-workout?

The only time I ever use the cadence overlay is occasionally before a workout - I toggle it on so I’ve got a clue what’s coming, then back to power to run the workout. If there’s a much in the way of low cadence/high torque I do my shoes up an extra click!

The point is not whether cadence useful or not, but to give the user the option to display what they want, or at least be able to quickly and easily switch between them.

I don’t really use the cadence graph much either, but def power and HR. I just threw cadence in cuz why not, if it’s selectable. You need look no further than Zwift or Trainerroad to see how multiple graphs work.

If it isn’t useful, is it an option, or a distraction?


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I’d at least like an HR overlay. Then I could see my HR progression. And also when my HRM drops out. :roll_eyes: lol