No Power zones in Athlete Profile?

Hi. In the athlete profile one can see the heart rate zones. But no info about the power zones. Why don’t SYSTM think we need to see them?

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Hey @Magnus_M72, I edited your post title for clarity and put it in the SYSTM Software category.

Funny, I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed this before but I agree. 100% Why not also show power zones in the rider profile? There are workouts that target NM/AC/MAP/FTP as well as titles with recovery, endurance, tempo, sub-threshold, and threshold.

I’d like to see these zones too. I wonder if this was a conscious decision or an oversight? Sirs @Coach.Mac.C or @Coach.Neal.H ?


Pondering this, it hasn’t been there for a long time. I started back in 2016 and I’ve always had to go into a workout and find the power zones there by skipping thru the video so I could program the numbers into my Garmin.


Yeh, I guess I never noticed it cuz historically I’d look at garmin connect or more recently to check power zones. But in any case, I do agree with the OP that if they’re gonna show zones for cTHR why not add zones for power too?

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It funny isn’t it, when your self coaching is really important, but if you’re just following a plan and trusting the Systm coaches, you don’t notice as you assume they’ve already picked the right blend for you.

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